• Projet Pédimagic

    Another special day for AIPB to be able to donate €700 to the Pédimagic project in the hospital at Montlucon. Details of the project can be read below and more information about the project and also to be able to donate can be found on their website: https://www.leetchi.com/c/pedimagic L’équipe soignante de Pédiatrie du centre hospitalier […]

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  • Dons à l’école

    Cet article peut être lu en français ci-dessous Amitiés Internationales du Pays de Boussac (AIPB) members presented the equipment purchased with our donation to the schools of Bussière-Saint-Georges, Saint-Marien and Nouzerines.  The schools were in desperate need of sports equipment which we chose as the most suitable from their list. We were able to purchase the […]

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  • AIPB in the News…

    L’Écho du Berry – mars 2019 et La Montagne mars 2019 See related article

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  • Clugnat Donation

    A great morning today spent with the Pompiers in Clugnat who officially received our donation of sports clothing in thanks for all they do to support our communities. Members of the AIPB committee were there to present our gift and to hear their thanks about how much they appreciate to be recognised. They also wanted […]

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  • 2018 – €5,608.79 Donated

    2018 was another exceptional year for fundraising by AIPB and we were able to donate an exceptional €5,608.79 in 2018/2019 from monies raised in 2018. Read More…

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  • More Donations 2 …

    As part of our THANK YOU to local services that have come to the aid of so many people in their time of need, especially some of our members, we have donated previously to the Sapeurs Pompiers Boussac (see previous article) and have now recently donated to the Sapeur Pompiers in Clugnat. Full details of […]

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  • More Donations…

    Following our fund raising events in 2018, we were able to make a further two donations this week to our local community in Boussac. The first was to the the retirement home (l’EHPAD) in Boussac, where we were able to provide them with a wireless microphone set comprising two wireless microphones and receiver, in addition […]

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  • la Petite Récrée Boussaquine

    This year la Petite récrée boussaquine was created to help children between 3 and 16 years who have neurotypical issues or associated conditions such as autism. The group was created by three motivated parents whose children were affected by these conditions. The children need flexible activities to nurture their mobility, creativity, coordination and balance. AIPB […]

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  • Sapeurs-Pompiers Boussac

    In 2018 AIPB wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the Sapeur-Pompiers in Boussac, for the hard work they do keeping our town safe, not only in case of fire but also in case of medical emergencies. Three of our members have had to call upon them for a medical emergency in recent years, two […]

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  • Boussac War Memorial

    AIPB raises money by organising events to be able to donate money to local charities and back into the Boussac community. This year is no exception and one of our donations was to have the Boussac war memorial cleaned in the area displaying the names of the fallen of World War 2. The cleaning process […]

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How we donate

AIPB is a non-profit association and organises events to raise money to donate to local good causes in and around the Boussac area.

Events such as Fête de la Musique, Rock and Fish ‘n Chips and our now infamous cake stalls all raise money to help the local community, for example the retirement home in Bousac, the school and many more.

Comment nous donnons

L’AIPB est une association à but non lucratif qui organise des événements afin de générer des fonds qui seront reversés à de bonnes causes locales dans et autour de la région de Boussac.

Des événements comme la Fête de la Musique, le Rock et Fish’n Chips et nos fameux stands de gâteaux permettent de récolter des fonds pour aider la communauté locale, par exemple la maison de retraite de Bousac, l’école et bien d’autres encore.

Donations made by year /
Dons faits par année

2021€ 1334.00
2020€ 2270.00
2019€ 5832.88
2018€ 5608.79
2017€ 3250.89
2016€ 1126.50
2015€ 2000
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