Who we are

The following AIPB members were voted in at the AGM as the AIPB Committee:

Co-President (anglais): Wendy Collier-Parker

Co-President (French): Pascale Dagard

Treasurer: Jean-Francois Martin

Vice-treasurer: Alan Collier-Parker

Secretary: Marjorie Morrow

Membership secretary:  Christian Guillemet

Press and Publicity co-ordinator: Pascale Dagard

Media co-ordinator: Dave Clarke

Donations co-ordinator: Angela Clarke

Committee members: Angela Clarke, Nicola Greaves, Michael Greaves, Marj Morrow, Jim Morrow, Jet van Donkelaar, Herman van der Kuil, Christian Guillemet, Richard de Guillaume

Each committee member has a responsibility connected to each of the events organised by AIPB.

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