Comme la Maison

Brocante / Tea Room

A tea room to make you feel “Comme la Maison”.

A tea room within a brocante in the town of Soumans.

In Hélène’s brocante visitors already have the opportunity to find lots of decorative objects or tableware, arranged by style or colour. A designer at heart she certainly does not miss the opportunity to create new projects. For example, she has recently set up a tea room in her shop which offers tea, coffee and cakes for her clients. The idea for this came to her after she realised that they were waiting for something new. She has assembled beautiful glasses, cups, saucers and plates to create a display for cakes.

Hélène admits that she has to move forward. “Now I have recycling, makeovers and gift ideas. No doubt, with the opening of this tea room, visitors will now really feel at home”.

Tea room-1

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