2018 – €5608.79 Donated

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The following charitable donations were made by AIPB in 2018/2019 from monies raised in 2018.

Poppy Appeal – French Bluet Appeal

The AIPB became an official Poppy Seller in 2016 and in 2018 we were able to raise €263.55, an increase again over 2017, from the sale of Poppies in and around Boussac. A further donation of €186.45 was made by AIPB to the Poppy Appeal making a total donation of €450.

In addition, AIPB complimented its donation to the Poppy Appeal by donating €250 to ONAC (the French Bluet appeal).

La Petite Récrée Boussaquine

La petite récrérée Boussaquine was started in November 2017.
The aim of this association is to offer children with disabilities or developmental disorders and also autistic children, the opportunity to develop in a community without exclusion.

AIPB were able to donate €933.23 towards the purchase of special activity equipment.

To learn more about the association please visit their website

SPA Creuse

Following a successful AIPB Cake Stall in Boussac in July, 2018; the AIPB were able to donate all its profits from this event to the SPA in Gueret. The total donation was €300.

Inscription Monument aux Morts

AIPB raises money by organising events to be able to donate money to local charities and back into the Boussac community. This year is no exception and we were able to donate €814 to have the Boussac war memorial plaque renewed displaying the names of the fallen of World War 2. Read the article…


AIPB donated €355.50 to the Téléthon, a National French Charity Event by having a cake stall at the annual Téléthon event in Boussac.

In addition AIPB joined together with the Lions club of Boussac to help with their annual Rock ‘n Beaujolais event, which in 2018 all proceeds were donated to Téléthon a further €1290 from AIPB and Lions Club Boussac together.

Sapeurs-Pompiers Boussac and Clugnat

In 2018 AIPB wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the Sapeur-Pompiers in Boussac and Clugnat, for the hard work they do keeping our town safe, not only in case of fire but also in case of medical emergencies. Three of our members have had to call upon them for a medical emergency in recent years, two of them potentially life threatening situations, because of this it made us realise just how fortunate we are to have such a great service in our town.

We were able to donate €348.90 to Boussac and €403.20 to Clugnat Sapeurs-Pompiers for sports and entrainment equipment for their rest room. Read the article…

l’EPHAD Boussac

EPHAD Boussac is the local retirement home, we felt that we wanted to provide something to them that they needed to help with their overall wellbeing. €258.96 was donated to provide a projector with screen and wireless microphones for their bingo and games events. Read the article…

Ecole primaire Boussac

We were able to donate €250 to the primary school in Boussac, towards their 2018/19 science project to learn more about space. Read the article…

Again a very successful year of fundraising in 2018 to enable us to donate a total of €5,608.79 to some very worthy local causes.


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