Café Franglais

The Café Franglais Boussac is organised by AIPB for its members and the community to help improve their French or English speech and to further their understanding of the French and English cultures.

The Café meets each Wednesday at the Maison des Associations in Boussac from 18.30 until 20.00.

Members can come and go as it suits them

AIPB provide refreshments and snacks to get the members through the evening

The Café provides a relaxed friendly atmosphere in which the members can speak French or English with native speakers.

There is no formal teaching.

We try to have groups of 6 people. 3 French speaking and 3 English speaking.

The members help each other with pronunciation and sentence structure by reviewing text they have prepared and translated, articles from the press or books or by choosing a word from the dictionary to discuss.

There is no fixed agenda, each group decides how they want to spend their evening.

Some evenings will carry a theme.

We have had an English Cheese and Crackers evening. Father Christmas might attend the last evening of the year which was more like a Christmas party and for the first evening of the year we have the traditional French Galette Gateau which brings much discussion.

Since the Café was formed 65 people have attended, with a weekly average of 35. We have members who are French, British, Dutch, Belgium and South African. The Café caters for all language levels.

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