Boussac War Memorial

AIPB raises money by organising events to be able to donate money to local charities and back into the Boussac community. This year is no exception and one of our donations was to have the Boussac war memorial cleaned in the area displaying the names of the fallen of World War 2. The cleaning process was not possible so AIPB funded the making of a new plaque. As can be seen from the picture it has made an incredible difference.

Before After

When I laid the Poppy wreath last year at the memorial in Boussac, I noticed quite clearly that the plaque showing the names of the local people of Boussac killed during World War 2 was not clear and felt that this was detrimental to their memories.

Angela Clarke – AIPB Committee member


We have researched the names written on the plaque and have been able to find some relatives of those who died still living in Boussac. Hopefully one or more of them will be able to join us at the VE Day parade on May 8, 2018 for the unveiling of the new plaque.

What a difference. It looks wonderful and a fitting tribute to those fallen men. An honour for AIPB to have been able to do this.

Wendy Collier-Parker, AIPB Co-President

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