Invitation – Tapisseries de Dom Robert (in English)


Vous pouvez lire cet article en français ici

For the launch of the tourist season at the Château de Boussac you are invited for the preview of the exhibition:

The Tapestries of Dom Robert and The Sculptures of Eric Dubois on Friday 30th June at 6pm, followed by a Concert performed by The Ladies Pop in the Orangerie, organised by the Association Les Amis du Château de Boussac at 7 pm – donations please –

The Ladies Pop: We have 3 singers: Pascale Berger, Sylvie Dubreuil  and Elisabeth Leclair

The Pianist is Lionel Raffin, the Bass Guitarist is Claire Alanore and the Drummer is Thierry Bourguignon

Have you ever imagined the Eagles singing ” Hôtel California” swing style or the Weather Girls singing It’s raining men on a Latin Beat or Abba singing ” Waterloo” on the Copacabana Beach in the style of Gilberto Gil?! So we offer you a new universe: a world of maracas, bling, palm trees……

A melting Pot of bewitching voices, a mix of Chachacha, bossanova…. with songs from Elton John, Michel Berger, Claude François, Earth Wind and Fire………

INFO: Pascale 06 25 25 37 02

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