Applying for French Residency (Carte de Séjour)

Two of our committee members recently applied for their Carte de Séjour. In order to help others with the process they have documented the process in the files below.

  1. Documents Required for Carte Sejour Application updated
  2. Birth certificate translation
  3. Marriage certificate translation


  1. It must vary from Dept to Dept as we are required to show utility bills, bank statements and income for every six month period of our life here. ALSO, YOU CAN ONLY APPLY VIA AN ONLINE APPOINTMENT, WHICH IN OUR CASE MEANT A THREE MONTH FURTHER DELAY.


  2. Hi, on the documents we listed we did put, EDF bill , proof of income, etc etc. we took copies of everything relating to our house ownership etc etc. There must be some difference in different departments I think possibly down to demand. We were seen straight away and everything done in 45 minutes, but we had waited until a couple of weeks ago before we went. Hope that helps and sorry for any confusion.


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