Appeal for foster homes for the SPA Creuse, Guéret

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to be a foster carer for an animal in need ?

Most people think, “oh, I couldn’t possibly do that’” as I would get too attached to the animal and wouldn’t be able to give it back.

The truth is, yes, sometimes it is hard, but becoming a foster carer is a very rewarding experience, as nothing gives you greater pleasure than to see an animal nursed back to health or a scared and bewildered animal gain confidence and learn the skills to adapt to a new life in their forever home.

The SPA in Guéret has been re-homing animals in need since 1965 and is appealing for foster carers to come forward, as time and time again, in this economic climate, it is being asked to take elderly, young and sick animals that need the specialist care of a foster home.

There is no special qualification to be a foster carer, you just need to have lots of love to give, take care of the animal as if it were your own and the SPA will cover the medical costs.

Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, the SPA will place an animal in a permanent foster home. This is usually when the animal has a health problem and will need to be on medication for the rest of its life.


A recent case of this was a little dog called Gaspard who arrived at the refuge following the death of his master. Gaspard was diagnosed with many health problems and his prognosis was bleak. He spent months at the refuge with people walking by and not even noticing him, until one day, a lovely couple, Angela and Dave Clarke from Clugnat, heard about him and decided to give him a home. Gaspard will spend the rest of the time he has with Angela and Dave and despite all his health issues, he is a happy little boy. Gaspard is one of the lucky ones, but there are lots of other dogs at the SPA who need foster homes.

If you feel that you could be a foster carer or would like to adopt a dog or help the SPA in other ways, perhaps by becoming a volunteer to help with dog walking, then please visit the SPA website or if you would like to contact an English-speaking volunteer then please email Faye at

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