Cross Country Run


The SDIS23 AND THE FIRE SERVICE in Boussac is organizing a CROSS country run ( from 2 to 10km) on the 4th of march at 2pm from the municipal stadium and etang du montet

Open to every body (from the age of 13 years old) who has the appropriate licence or medical certificate; r egistration before the 3rd of march on only- info Pascale 06 25 25 37 02 please come and support the runners

Cross country organisé par le SDIS23 et le centre de Secours de Boussac( pompiers) le : 4 mars à partir de 13.30/14H-étang du Montet et Stade- Ouvert à tous les licenciés ou possesseurs d’ un certificat médical, à partir de 13ans-

inscriptions jusqu’au 3 mars sur– pour toute information tel au 06 25 25 37 02

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