Remembrance Day 2016

It was an honour and privilege to lay the poppy wreath at today’s armistice ceremony in Boussac on behalf of my Father  Leonard Burritt.

At the pot d’amitié in the Mairie afterwards General Pichon said some kind words about my Father who was there on the first morning of the D-Day landings, 6th June 1944, on Juno beach in Normandy and awarded the Légion d’Honneur in recognition of his help in the liberation of France.

Although he was unable to be with us today in person his photo adorned the ornate mantlepiece in the Mairie, so he was with us in spirit. The Batterie Fanfare faultlessly played God Save the Queen as well as La Marseillaise. A truly memorable day. We were all very touched to be included.

Rosie Wood

Feeling very honoured to have been able to participate in todays Remembrance Parade in our local town in Boussac, France. To have been able to parade the Union Jack alongside the French and American to honour the fallen from our countries through all conflicts who gave their lives to enable us to live free today.

This year being especially significant as it is 100 years since the Battle of the Somme, where tens of thousands of Britains lost their lives or were wounded here in France.

Also an honour to wear my grandfathers Military Medal which he was awarded for gallantry and devotion in the field of conflict on 19th September 1917.


Dave Clarke

The story was also covered by La Montagne

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