A letter from Mme Président

Welcome to the website of Amitiés Internationales Du Pays De Boussac.

My husband and I have lived here, in the Creuse, for 20 years and are amazed every day at how lucky we are to live in this Department. La Creuse sits in the middle of France with stunning landscapes, historical buildings, incredible folklore, wonderful people and a fantastic way of life. If you are looking for the high life or parties or an activity put on every day you will not find it here, well you will, but Creusoisian style! Let me tell you it is a style you will not find anywhere else, having had the opportunity of living all over the world, I think I can say this with some confidence.

With both of us having led stressful and fulfilling careers we wondered how we would adapt to a peaceful stress free life! The answer is WELL, very well. I know some people will say she is looking through rose coloured glasses. Yes we do have some normal problems of living in this modern world but we seem to manage to sort them out with good humour, yes, even French Beurocracy!

For me the main reason La Creuse works is THE PEOPLE. Genuine, helpful, kind,sense of humour,welcoming,common sense, and all of this amongst the wonderful backdrop of scenery, history and culture.

Our association consists of different nationalities living in the Boussac area and our main aim is integration with our French friends.

If you read our website you will see the history of AIPB.

I am very proud to have been the co-President ( English) since our founding . We have had some wonderful times in the events we organise, have made some mistakes ,and will make more, have had many laughs and more importantly we all still get on with each other!

Finally a huge Merci to our friends in Boussac.

Wendy Collier-Parker
Co-Président, AIPB

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