Quick word of warning!!

Courtesy of Creuse News.

Quick word of warning.

It is a sad and horrible fact that unscrupulous people will try to make money out of the current worry and uncertainty prevalent amongst UK citizens living in the EU.

Over on RIFT (Remain In France Together) we are often tipped off about such things and Admin remove any crowdfunding type pleas from the Group. But please be equally aware of websites and organisations that claim to have info to help you with your future rights in the EU, especially if they want you to “sign up” for membership.

Make sure you ask in advance if they will be charging a fee for their services (if so, you should check for a siret/bona fide association number/registration with Chambre de Commerce before parting with ANY money – this information SHOULD be on any “commercial” website anyway).

Also, be very careful about providing a lot of personal information to people you do not know – names, addresses, your employment status, phone number, email addie etc are all sell-able items in the commercial world (think insurance companies, for example).

So, ask for written guarantees that your info will not be passed on to any third party and if in doubt contact these people to make sure the organisation has been authorised to process and store information: Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés.

Hope this helps some one NOT to get taken for a mug.

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