€1000 cheque for Handic’Art Aubusson


Presentation of the AIPB cheque to the Handic’Art association in Aubusson. A wonderful experience to be able to give so much pleasure.

The Handcart association is totally voluntary and its financial resources are very limited. Therefore the cheque for € 1,000 present by the AIPB president, Wendy Collier-Parker, was very well received.

The Handic’Art association in Aubusson was founded 8 years ago by Rose Nablanc.

Rose explained to us at the presentation of the cheque:

Notre objectif est de faire connaître et de soutenir les artistes locaux en situation de handicap, tout en facilitant l’accès à la pratique artistique pour tous en milieu rural et le vivre ensemble. Nous cherchons à créer du lien social entre les handicapés et les autres par la pratique artistique, quelle soit picturale, sculpturale, théâtrale, vocale et autres

Our goal is to inform and support local artists with disabilities, by providing access to artistic practices for all. We seek to create social links between the disabled and others using artistic practices, which is pictorial, sculptural, theatrical, vocal and others.

During our visit of a few hours, we [AIPB members] were delighted to experience the members painting, it was amazing and an honour to witness such talent. Some of the paintings can be seen in the images below.

Every Friday, about thirty people with disabilities participate in workshops run by volunteers of the association. The paintings they create are shown at various events, including the annual festival Handic’art. The next event will start on May 26 2016.

LA MONTAGNE 29.03.16 (1)

The presentation was also reported in the local press

Please note that, as can be seen elsewhere on our site, the AIPB is truly International comprising of members who are French, English, Belgian, South African and Dutch citizens. Not just British and South African as the reporter states in his article.


Select an image below to see a larger version or slideshow.


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